狮子,老虎和豹,哦,我的天! 隐修会社区是 去见巫师了 在Sharon Heights高尔夫球场 & 2024年3月16日,乡村俱乐部,5:30. 拥有280多名家长, 老师, 以及在场的工作人员, 晚会包括鸡尾酒会, 坐着吃饭, 葡萄酒的抽奖活动, 现场拍卖, 以及我们重要的“未来基金”活动. Then the night gets rolling and the dancing begins in our glamorous Oz-inspired  ballroom.  

So show your heart, courage and brains and plan to attend 去见巫师了 与你的隐修会社区.

海莉帕尔 & 吉娜雷曼


  • 考虑承保

    考虑作为 去见巫师了 underwriter. 
    Each 联欢晚会 is the result of the contributions of time and resources from many members of our community. An important form of support is through underwriting to help offset the cost of the party. This year we have two different and exciting underwriting le韦尔s to offer. 
    At this $2,500 underwriting le韦尔, you will receive:
        两张票 关掉“见向导” 联欢晚会
    对我们的认可 网站

    At this $5,000 underwriting le韦尔, you will receive
     两张去火车站的票 看到向导 联欢晚会 
    对我们的认可 网站 在晚会上
    请考虑成为一名保险商. 通过帮我们支付费用, you can help ensure that every dollar we raise goes directly back to the school.  
    If you would like to underwrite at one of these two le韦尔s (or at another le韦尔 that is comfortable to you), 点击 在这里
  • 关闭“看到向导-期待什么”

    修道院的联欢晚会, 去见巫师了 will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 5:30 在Sharon Heights高尔夫球场 & 乡村俱乐部. 有300多名家长, 老师, 以及在场的工作人员, 晚会包括鸡尾酒会, 坐着吃饭, 葡萄酒抽奖, our 现场拍卖 including Fund-a-Future and dancing.
  • 从“查看向导愿望列表”中删除

    We hope to offer lots of and exotic locales for 去见巫师了. 下面是一些很畅销的例子: 
    • Vacation Homes in Hawaii, Mexico, Napa and Carmel
    • 酒店 & 周末出游
    • Tickets to Concerts, Sporting Games, Symphony or Musicals
    • Special Access to Wineries and Backstage Passes
    • Access to Private Chefs and Private Aviation
    • 一次在人生记忆时刻
    • 珠宝 
    • 餐厅和水疗中心礼券
    • 乡村俱乐部的高尔夫四人组 
    • 特别的酒 & 精神
    • 算上我和孩子们的聚会
    现在准备捐款,点击 在这里
  • 穿着要给人留下深刻印象

    Pick you green -- emerald or forest, Spring or olive. Whatever is in the back of the closet with your version of ruby slippers. 你会看到的, whether dressed for Oz or a night on the town, just come ready to see the Wizard and celebrate with heart, 智慧和勇气!

    To get you inspired, we’ve put together a look book with some ideas, see 在这里.

  • 邀请 & 登记

    Priory's 去见巫师了 联欢晚会 invitations will be mailed in early February. 我们的无声拍卖将完全在网上进行, so it’s essential to register if you want to get your hands on our extraordinary offerings like vacation homes, 美酒, 还有体育门票.  我们的 Silent Auction will open on Wednesday March 13th and close on Monday March 18th at noon.
  • 座位是如何工作的

    让我们知道你想和谁坐在一起 在这里. Gather your friends and create your table of ten.  如果你不想排成十人一桌的话, we will do our best to seat you with parents from your grade(s).
  • 葡萄酒抽奖是如何运作的

    Instantly upgrade your wine cellar with just one raffle ticket. We will offer six opportunities for you to win one of our wine groupings. Each group will include five bottles, each bottle will be 90 points or above on the Parker scale. 
    The more you buy, the more chances you’ll have to win.

    - 3张250美元的票
    - 7张500美元的票 
    - 15张票,1000美元

    You will have an opportunity to buy your 葡萄酒的抽奖活动 tickets when you register to attend, and at any time up until the afternoon of the 联欢晚会. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your own personal wine collection. 
  • 无声拍卖-仅在线

    我们的 关掉“见向导” 无声拍卖目录仅在线. 别忘了提前登记, so you can receive an email/text to get instant notification when our online auction is opening and closing. 我们提供几个在线类别
    • Parties-- both Count Me In and Buy the whole
    • 旅行 & Tickets -- Vacation homes and tickets to events,
    • Only at Priory -- items made by our Monks and Staff
    • Great Finds - gift certificates to stores and services
    Wednesday March 13th - Silent Auction Opens at 10:00am
    Monday March 18th - Silent Auction Closes at 12:00pm

    T在这里 are three ways to bid on silent items. 
    • A traditional bid: place a fixed-amount bid on an item, and you will be notified through the bidding app on your phone if your bid has been exceeded by another bidder.
    • Buy It Now: allows you to purchase an item right away for a fixed price, rather than bid on it. Once you Buy It Now, that item is no longer up for auction, and is yours.  Many of the silent items will have Buy It Now pricing.
    • Max Bid: you set a maximum bid for yourself, and the system will automatically bid in your favor until that max bid is reached. If your bid is lower than another bidder’s highest max bid on that package, 您将被提示输入一个更高的出价. 许多沉默的项目将有最高出价定价.
    • For live items, t在这里 will be bid paddles at your table for you to hold up during the 现场拍卖. If you would like to bid on a Live Item and can not attend the 联欢晚会, please contact 斯蒂芬妮·克鲁斯 出价
  • 与朋友一起投标

    Often groups of friends decide to bid on an item together; this happens often with “buy the whole” parties or live items. If you want to purchase an item with friends, reach out to your friends before the 联欢晚会 to form a syndicate. 投标前, agree on who is in the group and the maximum you are all willing to pay for the item. You can be a member of more than one group as long as you aren’t the lead bidder and you don’t share the maximum bid of the groups you’re participating in. The “lead bidder” does the bidding, and the cost of the item is split between the group members.  
  • 支持Priory的基金A未来

    我们的 Fund-A-Future campaign secures resources for Priory's financial aid fund. Did you know that one in five students receives financial assistance at Priory? 现场拍卖期间, you can hold up your paddle at different donation le韦尔s to support financial aid.  We hope we can count on you to support this vital and cherished part of the evening.

摇滚Casbah Le

Kate Sandrini Dietzen 
温迪 & Stefan Dyckerhoff
温迪 & 蒂姆麦克阿当
艾米丽 & 布莱恩·梅尔顿
丽莎 & 格雷格•斯坦格
洛林Twohill & 彼得•戴维斯


艾米丽 & 兰斯康涅狄格州
海莉 & 萨姆帕尔



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    Associate Director of Events and Engagement
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